About Laketown Soap Co

Humble Beginnings

Laketown Soap Co. had its humble beginnings as a spring break craft project for my daughter and I. In the week that she would have off school, we were determined to try something new. I did some research, bought the appropriate supplies, and we made several bars of owl-shaped soap. My research was not complete, as it was after we had made the bars that we realized our soap would need to cure for 4-6 weeks before we could see how our project turned out-oops!! So, during that 4-6 weeks, my daughter of course lost interest and I was left to research. I formulated many different recipes based on what I was reading. By this time I had quite a pile of soap, and friends and family were curious about this new hobby we landed upon. After lots of feedback (and lots of trial and error) and lots of begging from family and friends, I decided to make my products officially for sale! Laketown Soap Co. LLC was born and the rest is history!


Helpful Hints

These bars are generous in size. At approximately 5.5oz and dimensions of 3.5"x2.5"x1.25", they will last quite a while whether you choose to shower with them or use them as a hand soap near the sink. In order to extend the life of your bars, make sure to use a draining soap dish so that they may have a chance to dry completely between uses.  If they are hard to handle or you'd prefer to change out scents sooner, simply cut them in half! 


Good to Know

I am not a healthcare professional. The information in the description of each of the listed products is simply highlighting benefits of the contained ingredients. Laketown Soap Co products should not be used to treat any mental or physical conditions you may have. Some essential oils and essential oil blends could be contraindicated for certain individuals and situations. Please seek proper advice before use.